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The Voices in My Head are having a debate and want you to join in.

So, here's the thing... Challenging one's own views is easy to talk about and suggest that everyone should be open to constructive criticism and being proven wrong - and with critical thinking we're supposed to have already considered the probability that our view is somewhat biased.

Also, we must keep in mind to stay away from emotional arguments and focus entirely on reasoned and hopefully informed points - Solution: Flip your opinion - randomly.

This is an exercise to discover how the other side of a potentially polarized issue might see the world.

1. Toss a coin to find out which side you are on with one of the issues below or make up your own to discuss.
2. Heads... make one statement that supports the idea of the issue - what good will come from this.
Tails... make one statement that questions the value of the issue - what harm will come from this.
3. Each following coin toss supports or counters the previous one.

Of course, one could play the coin toss with several people each taking the coin in turn and discovering which side they are going to provide input to the discussion - offer that point and so on...
If you do enjoy some mind games with others, remember to stifle emotional responses and mocking humour which is okay if your playing by yourself.

Some topics to play with:
1. Carbon Tax on all producers of Greenhouse gases
2. Minimum Basic Income - replacement of welfare, Employment Insurance, and Old Age Security
3. Legalize Sex Trade
4. Capital Punishment for mass murder, rape and sexual abuse of children.
5. National Pharmacare and Dentalcare
6. Definition of Marriage is a contract between 2 or more consenting adults.
7. Flat Tax on corporations and Income Tax
8. Immediate assessment of refugee claimants no matter how they arrive...
9. Naturism/Nudism in public spaces
10. Dual Citizenship and running for election
11. Free Post Secondary Education
12. Automation and AI replacing workers
13. Regulating Dress Code for Public Employees and Schools
14. Removing Daylight Savings Time
15. Doctor Assisted Death
16. Religion and Prayers in Schools
17. Sex Education in Elementary school
18. State sponsored assassinations of potential enemies (before war is declared)