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Wash Your Hands... of Gender Bias

We may have noticed that viruses spread quite easily around the world, and the simple means to protect ourselves and those around us is to wash our hands.

However, other viral infections exist within our thinking that we may not be aware of and have been already affected; we are also quite contagious as we spread our condescending views that effect other people. We are not thinking critically when we take a self-centered view of the world and suggest other people must conform to our expectations of normal.

The fact that there's a definition of 'toxic masculinity' in existence is a great indicator that people are waking up to the fact that they have been brainwashed and are prone to brainwashing their children. In recent years, there has been a big enough push for gender neutrality in public places and work environments as well. This push tends to center around washrooms and the seemingly unnecessary insistence of gender based segregation.

"I will not be comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex."
"You are forcing your beliefs on me."
"I don't want to be accused of exhibitionism or sexual assault when I walk into a washroom."

The statements above are emotional and self-centered or 'entitled' views that are clearly not coming from an informed or critical thinking mind. For starters, public washrooms don't have to be any different than the ones in our house - i.e. they're gender neutral. One person goes in and closes the door - simple.

Redesigning public washrooms/restrooms/bathrooms or whatever you want to call them alleviates an awful lot of congestion for females in particular, but could benefit for men as well. You should be able to walk into a room with full length stalls and do your natural business whether you are male or female.

Now, men have a built in masculine need to stand while we urinate - so, we expect urinals to be available and this is one of the reasons that the men's line-up in highly congested locations like sports' arenas goes much faster than for women. There's a downside though to urinals - splash or splatter that bounces off the porcelain or out of a toilet onto the floor.

Any male who thinks his aim is precise and that there's no splash-back is delusional. I've stood on sticky floors in many places to know better, and anyone who has ever cleaned a bathroom knows the floor around a toilet where males reside takes some guts to deal with.

I'm not suggesting all men should squat to pee because that is too radical to suggest for all the brainwashing we've been through that to be male means you stand. What I'm saying is that the bowls shouldn't have water in them when the lid is up. It's a small redesign that should keep a lot more splatter inside a bowl. The fact that anyone behind closed doors shouldn't care whether the person in the next stall is male or female.

The next problem is noise. We are all flatulent at times - and some of those farts are rather explosive. Again, it doesn't matter what gender you are; we all defecate and we all have gas building up that releases through an almost identical sphincter. So, why do we care that on a given day the young woman we saw go into the next stall explodes - or the old man grunts with constipation. It happens to each and every human throughout their lives.

What I'm getting at is - why are we hung up on something that is natural for all humans regardless of gender that we feel a need to segregate our washrooms? We shouldn't shield our children or one another from reality where they eventually have to have awkward 'first time' experiences in a relationship where you destroy the bathroom.


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