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Reprogramming our Brainwashed Neural Maps

We are all brainwashed and we let it happen.

Of course, we didn't know it was happening when we were children, but even as adults we still let ill-informed biases bend us to the will of the environment we grew up in - even if we're no longer in that environment.

A lot of people don't know that they are brainwashing young minds into the 'cult'ure that they inherited from when they grew up. Distrust of people who don't fit into the general 'normal' definition that exists within our little world is quite common and done often without conscious thought.

How many people stop to think that some definition of human appearance or behaviour makes them uncomfortable? It is only that way because their minds have literally been made up - from many years of culturally acceptable norms. Even something as simple as two humans greeting one another becomes awkward when people from different environments meet because both of them have neural mindmaps that are strictly bound to the one 'standard' set of acceptable greetings.

Kissing, handshaking, bowing, hugging, or even high-fiving... are all made uncomfortable because our brains don't like to break from its super neural-highways that have been implanted into us through years of cultural brainwashing.

Take this to the next level. Think of any human interaction that makes you feel uncomfortable, including those hot controversial topics that people want to avoid because... we are all brainwashed and it is very hard to literally Change our minds. Don't get me wrong, we can do it. That's what critical thinking and neural plasticity have in common.

If we're willing, we can reprogram ourselves and be a little more understanding of how other humans see the world. We might surprise ourselves to discover something we believed to be so horribly 'wrong' is actually a fun and healthy 'right'.

Go ahead, pick a subject - and change your mind on just one thing. It's a good place to start.


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