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Wh-y DNA

A lot of us amateur genealogists or family historians typically focus on the paternal lineage. In fact, most of western society looks at the surname as key to our personal identity in more than just a name.

Binary Relationships 256 Great (x6) Grandparents

We’re all related to someone with an interesting story somewhere in our past. Of course, this is one of the reasons that people get hooked on genealogy – they love to discover interesting people may have contributed

Bubbling DNA

The bubbles in the graph below represent DNA kits from a wide range of people who match my DNA and submitted their data to This means that all of these people do have a common ancestor

DNA Segment Tracing – currently quite painful, but high potential for Genealogy

There are a lot of numbers below, along with some of my thoughts as they transpired in my first attempt at trying to find common ancestors based on the segments of DNA that are shared amongst several

Indirect Genetic Matching – 78 Cousins Shared by 5 DNA Kits

At first glance, it might not look like some of the later generations are connected to all the distant cousins that appear as matches in other kits, but the reality is that all 78 cousins (Kit 1

Brothers and Sisters – Ethnicity Comparison

Just a quick update after adding one more ethnicity map to the mix for comparisons between two siblings of one generation and two siblings of another generation.   1939 and 1961 – Brother and Sister – Children

Numbers Game – DNA matches; Result levels compared

At this point, I’ve got 5 DNA test kits to compare against each other and a multitude of other people’s tests as well as quite a few paper-trail records from the Ancestry user community who have built

They had me tested – Part II

Well, now that all the tests are in, we can lay out a number of ethnicity pie-charts comparing siblings with their parents and a maternal grandmother. Once again, I have to remind myself that the labeling from

History isn’t what it used to be

When we look at events of the past, we believe that we are seeing and understanding how the events unfolded based on the photographs, films, paper-trails and other documented stories – any of which could be backed

…They Had Me Tested – Part I [Phased Version]

One of the cool tools at is the one used to separate the parental lines by subtraction. That is, if you have at least one parent tested – you can still get a clear delineation between